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Best person/place to get help with DLA appeal for AS child


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cereba - the charity for brain injured children are excellent to offer advice and have a section on the dla form on their website which is very helpful, NAS can also offer advice, have you got a letter from school? they like to have confirmation from a teacher and also, after having my dd assessed by an assessor who came to our house, she advised that they are automatically refusing everyone anyway, so appeal appeal, make sure you've got something from school, and you should get it. Have a read through the cereba dla how to fill the form in advice - it will help you add to the appeal letter

and most importantly good luck, I have aspie and 3 children with aspie, I know how much a difference this money can make!!

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I second what has been said about CAB & using the Cerebra guide. But first STOP.....have you asked for a reconsideration of the decision to refuse the DLA? It simply goes to another decision-maker. You can ask for it by phone and tell them if you need time to send extra evidence if you wish to. Dwp have to tell you what evidence they used in making the decision. When they refused my Aspie son, they'd only used a form they send to school about behaviour. DO NOT rely on DWP to ask for evidence from the professionals involved with your child(even though the form suggests they will) They might not even ask your gp!


Ask for reconsideration. Gather all the evidence they have not used & send it recorded delivery. Remember it's not about educational needs, but you can ask school for comments on social skills, behaviour, independence, anxiety etc. You can write a statement yourself if you feel you didn't get your point across in the form. You can get a decision within weeks this way instead of waiting for appeal. We did :-)

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was turned down for reconsideration, have still to recieve the evidence used but they told me it was based on form from school, have always received middle care so will definately go for appeal. thanks for the replies.

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