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Lost family, RILEY.


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My father,Walter died in 1964 but sadly my Mum and I were unable to keep in touch with his side of the family,she died in 1971!




Dad's brother,Wilf (Bill) Wife..Edith? Lived at Wisewood.

Sons........Michael-married at Meersbrook Church circa 1959.

Christopher,tragically killed in a car crash whilst serving with 13th./

18th.Hussars in Cyprus in 1967.

Dad and Uncle Bill were both ex army and were commissioneers at Hillsborough Football Ground in the mid to late 50's.

Second brother, Albert who lost an eye in a dart accident as a boy.

Sister......Sally - married name Sanderson,lived on Langsett Rd. about 250yds.before Barracks going toward Holme Ln.Son...Alan and a sister,I think,but I can't recall her name!

There were 2 more brothers,Matthew and Joseph but they died as children!!

Grand Mother Julia (became Mrs.Wallace) or Ju Ju to us kids,lived behind Infirmary then Park Hill flats when slum cleared-Long Henery Row!!

If anyone out there knows anything I would be gratefull!!

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Hi Trevor - working backwards from grandma Julia, I found her death in the index - Julia Wallace, born 29 May 1887, died Oct-Dec 1976. Her maiden name was evidently Collins, and she married Joseph Riley in Sheffield in Oct-Dec 1906. They turn up in the 1911 census return at 14 ct 3 Wentworth Street (behind the Infirmary as you wrote). In April 1911 they evidently had three children, but only two of them are mentioned on the census return - Sarah Ann aged 4 and Wilfred aged 3 months. Your dad was evidently born two years later. Joseph is described in 1911 as a "carter, coal"; his father Michael came from Belfast. Joseph evidently died in 1921 and Julia married George H. Wallace in 1943.


Wilfred's death is in the index - born 21 December 1910, died February 1997. A Wilfred Riley married an Edith M. Spencer in Sheffield in 1935. I didn't find sons Michael and Christopher, but it seems that these might have been their middle names. A Joseph M. Riley was born in Sheffield in Oct-Dec 1936, and a John C. Riley in Oct-Dec 1946 - in each case the mother's maiden name is given as Spencer. The military deaths index shows a John C. Riley who died aged 20 in Cyprus in 1967. A Joseph M. Riley married a Margaret A. Swirles in Sheffield in 1962. A recent electoral roll shows Joseph M. and Margaret A. Riley at an address in S12.


PM me if you'd like the S12 address. Given an email address I could send a JPEG scan of the 1911 census page etc..:)

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Some good work there, Hillsbro! :thumbsup: I can add some likely dates for two of Walter's brothers: Albert born Oct-Dec 1917, died Jul-Sep 1965, and Matthew born Oct-Dec 1919, died Jan-Mar 1941. I couldn't find Sally, unless this was a nickname. This seems possible as there is a record of a Sarah Ann Riley born in Jan-Mar 1907 (as mentioned in the 1911 census) and a Sarah A. Riley marrying a John A. Sanderson in Sheffield in Jan-Mar 1927, with a possible daughter Madge, born 1932.

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All of those people are on my tree: I'm descended from Matthew Riley (1821-1868) and Mary Mulligan (1823-1860). They came to Sheffield from Ireland in about 1850; having had Joseph abt 1844, and Michael in April 1849 in Delvin, Westmeath, Ireland. Then in Sheffield they had Edward in 1851, Matthew in 1854, and Mary (my great grandmother) in 1857.


Mary (Mulligan) Riley died in 1860; Matthew remarried to Elizabeth Clunan in 1861 and they had Ann Riley in 1862. Matthew died in 1868. His 4 sons with Mary Mulligan became the stepsons of Elizabeth Clunan Riley (1871 census).  My great grandmother, Mary Riley, at age 3 in the 1861 census, was living with her mother's brother Edward Mulligan and his wife, Maria (Smith) Mulligan.


Michael Riley (1849-1922) married Sarah Ann Carney (1852-1917) in 1877. They had 8 children: Emma 1878, Mary 1880, Ann Elizabeth 1882-1950, Sarah Ann 1884-1901, Joseph 1886-1921, Wilfred 1888-1957, Amelia 1891-1923, and Ethel 1894-1897.


Ann Elizabeth married John Edward Spencer in 1901; and they had: John Ashforth Spencer 1901-1958, Joseph Spencer 1904 (married Janet Sherwood Johnson in 1930), Annie 1906 (married Samuel Harvey Rooker in 1928), and Edith Mary 1911.


Joseph Riley (1886-1921) m. Julia Collins (1887-1976) in 1906; they had 7 kids. Too  many to list here; I have two marriages: Sarah Ann Riley (b. 1907) married John Arthur Sanderson in 1927. Their son Wilfred Riley (1910-1997) married Rose Naylor in 1928.


Wilfred Riley (1888-1957) married Lily Buxton Dale in 1925; they had 1 dau; Lily already had 7 children. Wilfred was my grandmother's first cousin. I have photos of Wilfred at his daughter's wedding. 


My great grandmother Mary Riley (1857-1924) had Florence Riley in 1880 (d. abt 1955), Lilian Riley in 1882 (d. 1959 in Canada), and Alfred Riley in 1888 (killed in 1917 WW1). Then she married widower Thomas Lenthall in 1888 and had Robert Riley Lenthall in 1891 (descendants are in Ecuador). Thomas died in Feb 1893.


After Thomas Lenthall's death in Feb of 1893, Mary Riley Lenthall had Albert Lenthall in Dec 1893; in 1895, she had Mary Lilian Lenthall (d 1897), and in 1898, she had Ruth Elsie Lenthall. The father of those last three was her stepson James Albert Lenthall. Ruth married George Thomas Wright Brown and they had a son George Thomas Brown but he did not have children.


Florence Riley married Peter Rowney in 1899 and had 7 children.


Lilian Riley was adopted by Joseph Nixon and his wife Harriet Davies of Stockport. Her name became Lilian Riley Nixon. She married Albert Walker in 1909 and they emigrated to Canada. Lilian never knew that she had 6 siblings, as well as cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents. 



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