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Xbox 360 Network Issues


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Started off with wireless and now gone onto wired using CAT5 Cable but my network is still showing just one bar when i look on the score board while playing cod and its orange meaning the very small bar, can any 360 gamer's suggest what i can do to improve connection... as iv always seen gamer's use/have 2 modem/routers in there room using cable, i was going to do that but im not sure weather its the best idea or getting or booster for the xbox but still not sure.

My internet is through BT, i did used to have the xbox in the living room and had perfect connection but moved into my own space in my room where i dont have the mum nagging me :P but yeah any suggestions on what to do would be great thanks.

Gamertag: XiiWaffleszziiX - Add me if you like :)

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