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Where can I search for jewellery that has previously been stolen from me!

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A couple of weeks ago some scumbags broke in to my house (I live in S13) and stole my laptop, camera and jewellery that was very precious to me - it was from family that have since passed away. The jewellery is quite distinct - a cameo ring amongst other things. I want to try and track it down if I can and get it back. Does anyone have any ideas where these lowlifes might go to sell stuff on?



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Have you got photographs of this jewellery so you can prove that it's yours, once you have located its whereabouts?


The police have occasional displays where they show goods (jewellery, cameras, computers etc) recovered from thieves. The public can go along with proof of ownership, and apply for their property to be returned.


I hope you can locate your stolen property.

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The chances are it will be somewhere local, burgers will burgle local and sell to local pawn shops (because they're stupid).


Just look round all the second hand jewelery shops in your area, and if you see it contact the police and if you have evidence it's yours you'll not have to buy it back and hopefully the owner will be charged for handling stolen goods.


If they don't get suspicious with the same chav coming in every week with a bag full of swag then something's wrong.


Good luck anyway.


Oh and if you do see it, call the police right away because, he could stick it in his pocket and play dumb when the police arrive, say he's already sold it or something.

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