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DVD player repair

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I have a LG DVD/ Hard driver recorder which has the welcome 'Hello' message constantly rolling on the display and the machine never boots up. Does anyone know where I may be able to get it repaired??


Tell us the exact model, there may be something crop up during a Google crawl.

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Lg rht387h
Try this last solution.

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Thanx for all the useful tips, My problem, pretty similar.


LG LRM-519 tried playing a DVD and POOF... all of a sudden it didnt boot up properly. It would go into "DEMO" mode.


Boot up saying "Hello"

The LG logo would come up, with the dots changing on the tv screen.

Then black screen

then there was a blue line across the black screen and the front display would say "DEMO"

Didnt do anything, couldnt open the disc tray... etc...


Opened the unit up, took out the disc from inside. Then Removed the CMOS battery.


Started the system up with no battery at all in, it said "PLEASE WAIT" then I just unplugged it after waiting far too long (about 2 mins) then put the CMOS battery back in, and voila! My unit was back up. :)


Before more radical procedures .... Try just taking out the CMOS battery.


Good luck all...



If its one of the earlier fixes like a bad capacitor then you may as well bin it if you don't know what your doing, or stick it on here for sale and put the magic word 'easy fix for anyone knowing what they are doing' :hihi:

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