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Darning wool, quick! I have a new toy!

Becky B

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Does anyone know where I can find darning wool tomorrow or Friday, between Barnsley and Hillsborough? It's a rather specific ask I know, but my darning mushroom arrived today, and rather stupidly I forgot to get the yarn when I was in John Lewis on Saturday...


Or am I just going to have to be patient and play with it on Saturday after a trip to town? :hihi:

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Are we talking socks here? If so then you can find darning wool is all over the house - use a bit of yarn leftover from knitting them in the first place. Unless you are really picky it doesn't need to be the exact wool you used the first time, just something of the right thickness and about the right colour.


Usually I'd have a few for you to practise on but my mother darned them when she was here over Christmas.

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So there's proper darning wool? Ashamedly or unashamedly (not sure which one it should be), I darned two pair recently with cotton from the sewing box.... Didn't use my mushroom either, just stuck my hand down the sock. It's not brill but it'll do . :-\

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