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Is the court system better than yester year?

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Do you think Sheffield Magistrate’s Court is running in a fairer manner now that they employ several District Judges to take on most of the criminal cases and the magistrates that are currently there take on the paperwork cases.


I assume that the District Judges can speed through many cases as just the one sits where 3 magistrates sit together and must take longer to discuss and agree the sentence.


Maybe it is being run as a mini Crown Court and finally there will be no need for magistrates.

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In my case they informed of a hearing date then changed it to hold it in my absence.


They "lost" the not guilty plea along with the licence but when it was pointed out that i couldnt have points out on a missing licence they managed to find it.


The not guilty plea never re surfaced despite being in the same envelope as the lost / found licence.


After the fiasco its 60 and 3 points so no harm done......... Until the cheeky scrotes ask for 100 quid in costs having denied the right to a fair hearing.


Please god its better than last year if this was anything to go by.

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