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How much does using a removal company cost?

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It's a bit of an open ended question as it will depend on a lot of factors, but lets say...


3 bed terrace in Walkley, to be fully removed and transported about 20 miles.


Any ideas? Maybe someone else has moved house recently and could give me an estimate?

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I won't know if it's a good quote though will I.


I could of course phone 3 and see what kind of prices they give (and I will do this, when I get a bit closer to wanting to book one), for now I was just wanting an indicative price from someone who had made a similar move to plan it into my budget.

I guess you don't have the information I wanted though.

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I don't have the precise info handy, C, so good luck with it, but -


We used Specialist Movers back in '04, to move a large 3-bed from Rawmarsh to Dublin, for about £800 if memory serves. Many a quote sought and received, many referrals/opinions checked, from at least half a dozen local firms, over a period of 2-3 weeks (in a nutshell - did a lot of homework about this). In the end they came out tops, and did not disappoint one bit (they went above and beyond, actually, as things didn't go quite acc. to plan once we got to the other end :hihi:).


Would have had them back in a flash for the "reverse trip" in '08 (but they didn't have any scheduled trips over, at the dates we needed).


For 20 miles, I don't suppose you've considered hiring a large-ish van and 2 or 3 friends/family for the weekend? We did that in'09, and moved a very large 3 bed detached 6 miles, in half a day (excl. 'boxing'/'prep' time, done a few days beforehand).

Admittedly the van was a reaaallllly-long wheelbase transit and a friend's, so that was free (but for diesel money), and the manpower came cheap, paid as it was in lager and curry/chinese :D

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