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Dining out at Harvester pub/restaurant


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A cautionary message to diners going to the Harvester pub/restaurant.


When ordering/asking for gravy with your meal, be aware that unless you choose it as your sauce option then it will be charged as an 'extra' which is £1.29 and comes in a small pot. :o


If i'd read the menu properly then i would have known it was chargeable, however saying that it's only the 2nd time in many years of dining out that i've been charged extra for it.

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I also asked for a lager and couldn't believe they charged for that as well !! :loopy:


Well it doesn't matter that you were charged for your lager, cos i paid for it!!!

Unless you want to sleep in the dog house tonight, darling, :love: stop muscling in on my threads!!!!:nono:

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