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Hall and Pickles – Sheffield


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Hi all,


My uncle, Biran Cooper worked at Hall and Pickles, Sheffield during the 1950s-60s. My uncle won several awards for his gauge and tool man ship work, including apprentice of the year for two consecutive years. On one occasion he went to the Dorchester in London to collect his award and on the next occasion he went to the Savoy in London. The awards that he received were displayed in a cabinet at the Sheffield Hall and Pickles workshop.


My uncles 70th Birthday is approaching and I am hoping to gather some memorabilia of his time at Hall and Pickles, as he fondly recalls this period in his life. Ideally, we are hoping to locate the awards that he won.


Anybody who can provide me with contact information for past employees of Hall and Pickles, please get in touch. Alternatively, anybody that has any ideas around leads which I could follow, please also get intouch.


Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Please contact me at matt.oates@ymail.com


Many thanks,


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Many thanks for your reply. I notice I have made a spelling mistake, my uncles name is Brian and not Biran. My uncle was in the Gauge Room, within the tool shop at Hall and Pickles from 1955 – 1962. Following this he got a job in the MOD and moved out of the area.


Thanks for your lead. I will look into whether any of the awards followed the workers.


Any more leads would be grealy appreciated.



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Hello Speeder.Yes Hydra mining moved to Rotherham,but has recently been sold to another company.

As regards Hydra tools,i think its just an office near the Park Sq roundabout.There isnt any manufacturing anymore.

What a bloody shame.Went the same way as Mushet and Presto.

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