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Anyone used skirting board heating?

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Never come across it personally, but I do remember them pitching for investment on the Dragon's Den TV show. I just had a quick look on their website and they claim that it is 13% more efficient than a standard radiator. On the face of it, I'm not really convinced. Looks pretty but at around 5 times the cost of a radiator for the same sized room, I reckon the cost outweighs the benefit...... I'll reserve judgement I think.

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I see what you mean but I currently have radiators and once the rads go cold they are cold to touch but my friend has an older type version of these heated pipes in a skirting boards and it takes it longer for them to go cold.... I think I need to do some more research. Thank you for your comments.

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I’ve used skirting board heating for a while now after I got requests from a couple of clients for it. I was so impressed I’ve switched to fitting it as standard. It performs much better than radiators and is generally worth the extra cost I think: though of course client budget is always a consideration as well. You can see the different performance of skirting board heating, radiators and UFH here: efficient-heating-solutions.co.uk and go to page "EcoBoard v Radiator".


You can get as much as 30% more efficiency out of it than you do from a radiator.


Hope this helps.

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Talked to a company at a trade show last year. Quite impressed and would consider for a modern new-build or even a contemporary refurbishment. Works out a bit pricey but, if you believe the stats, you can get better performance, and more flexibility in living space.

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hi therma skirt is great if all floors are level . its a nice heat . just been in a lovely house and work there for a week but under heating everyroom very dry but therma skirt is nice heat and works the same as rads , not cheap to buy . just saw the son of the guy last week and he said its market is growing . i go for it if wanted more space ta jeff

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Hello Javammxxi,

Martin Wadsworth from DiscreteHeat here (the guy who pitched on Dragons Den). We have supplied over 9,000 systems since the programme was broadcast, mainly domestic, but more recently hospitals, schools, care homes and student accommodation.

We can therfore supply you dozens of references and customers to speak to & visit.

Incidentally, we fitted a 5 bed house in Sheffield (on the Wheel) for the new Channel 4 TV program "Home of the Future". It starts this Sunday (12th Feb) at 7pm, Channel 4.

The program looks at how we will be living and saving energy in the future, and the whole house was heated by ThermaSkirt, powered by renewable energy such as Solar Thermal and heat pumps.

Feel free to visit our website for more information: thermaskirt.com


If we can help with your project, please call us.


Best regards


Martin Wadsworth

DiscreteHeat Co Ltd

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