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Children playing football smash a window - suitable punishment for them?

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Some children have smashed a friends window whilst playing football. No real harm done. However, they have not come round to apologise and ran off leaving their football.


I'm going to have to fit a new window now. After fitting it I'll be going round to see their parents to demand payment for the glass and that the children cut the garden one weekend in return for the labour, before giving them their football back.


Is that a fair punishment?


Normally it's something you'd just let slip, but they didn't own up and apologise so I don't think this should be allowed to slide.


And if the parents refuse to pay for the glass, would it be fair to put their window through?

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It is good that some kids still do harmless stuff like play football. That is what all good kids should be doing. Commend them for being good kids, make friends with them and get some stronger glass.


Granted. It's not the window being smashed that bothers me though. It's the running off without owning up/apologising.

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