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So how much time does it take to look after a cat?


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Thats a really poor excuse, 'it wants to sit on their knee' good lord. I have 3 cats and they don't take any looking after at all. I would like to think that their happy. I work shifts and always make sure their provided for and my oldest cat is almost 7 and she doesn't seem too bothered. I do think alot of it is perhaps money. I'm not judging anyone, money always seems to be the root of alot of things and I'm far from perfect with money. But I couldn't bring myself to rehome my cats, even though I have thought about it I'm ashamed to say. But the money they cost me each mth (insurance etc) is worth it for knowing their safe with me. They make for good company and I wouldn't be without them.

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My 2 cats have had the same petsitter for 6 years i find it less stressful for them to be at home,personal choice and because they dont go out need 2 visits a day minimum for their litter trays and feeding.

When Jenny comes they both know her well and her them.I know if ever there was a problem she has all my families contact numbers and would take them to the vets and sort medication shes 100% reliable,my neighbours have offered but they dont really know my cats though its nice of them to offer.A pet sitter to me is worth the £6.00 a day for my peace of mind


Do you know if your petsitter look after other peoples cats in other areas at all? I'm looking for someone later this year for a few weeks and really dont want to put him in a cattery! Thanks :)

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I can't believe this either. It only costs £60 to get a cat spayed/neutered. After that it costs £3-6 a week on food.


But then after 5 years of working on social housing nothing surprises me anymore.


I've seen tons of people with 60" plasma TVs, £150 trainers, i phones, PS3s, gold soverigns, and cars etc, plead poverty.

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