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Pawsitively pets (lotti) - a big thank you from us :)


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Just thought I would pop on here and tell everyone about lotti.


Over time, she has become a friend of mine and the past week and a half I've realised just what a superstar she is. I buy all my pet supplies from pawsitively pets, leads/harness/food/toys/beds etc Which I have never been disappointed with (delivered to the door may I add, and always goes to her lengths to get what you really want too! And all at reasonable prices.) I also attended pp weekly training classes, which went down a treat and taught Molly quite a lot (inc manners she so badly lacked!) I am convinced I attended "basic" training - which I didn't expect to be as in depth as they was. The cost was brilliant too! Not only were the classes small enough to concentrate/have some 1-2-1 time, they were just right. A happy atmosphere all round. Unfortunately, as the idiot I am I didn't keep up what we learnt nor did I "care" as such in regards to Molly's behaviour. So after a mental breakdown last week (and I mean crying and snotting my hormonal sh**ty state all over lotti) she talked to me and we decided it'd be best if Molly could stay with her for a few days until the stress in my house and other stuff were calmer. So a week later (yesterday) Molly came home. And the dog I said goodbye too, has gone forever.


My molly is no longer a smelly, clumsy get. She is a soft, polite, calmer dog. I don't know why but I never imagined her to be like she is - but deep down knew it was my fault for not being what Molly needed me to be. Lotti has turned my dog around, this dog is fully crate trained without any noise, she knows bedtime routine, daytime routine, not to jump on furniture, to eat her food when it's put down, to not jump all over people, to not pull on her lead, and most of all to not rely on me / constantly seeking my approval. Molly is confident and happier than I ever could've managed by myself. And mostly in all this, lotti has done it out of goodwill rather than business, as I couldn't ever afford residential training.


I am so pleased with everything lotti has done for Molly. And just wanted to share this little, somewhat hidden, gem! An absolute credit to the industry of everything pets! And long may she continue to not only be my saviour, but also provide my pet supplies at reasonable prices, be there in regards to general queries re Molly etc but also be my friend. Thank you xxx

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I doubt she just gives out stuff for free :) its her business after all. I meant general advice as in best food to feed the dog for my budget etc rather than free advice on behavioural problems :) either way, what she has done for me, taught me, and how she has become an absolute star in my household - money cannot buy that! Her mum should be proud she brought up such a lovely lady :)

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I met lottie when I booked Moll into dog training 2 years ago. since then we have kept in touch and she delivers my food and we often walk together with our dogs. Lottie has taught me to be calm and not panic when moll gets bossy, sometimes easier said than done :hihi::hihi:!!lol, however her calm energy on our walks has really made me realise how much my stress passes on to Moll. Lottie loves dogs and really wants to make a difference to their lives..


Gina, My Moll has walked with your Moll on a couple of walks since she had her and at first my little cow bag grumped at her and tried to be in charge. Lottie told me to chill and let them get on with it and on the whole they did. My Moll tried to course her..little cow bag, however your girl held her own and it all ended up ok!!!..


Lottie is a top bird and knows wat she is on about!!

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Aww I'm feeling the lurve!! :D


I'm so glad I've been able to help both Molly's and their mum's :)

Ting~Tong if I could afford to work for nothing, I really would believe me! That said, if you want to email me (training@pawsitivelypets.co.uk) I'll see if there's anything I can offer by email/phone. I help where I can but if I need to see the dog in question or talk it through in more detail I do have to charge. That said, I don't charge the Earth; if you have facebook, my tariffs can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150347267213753


LOL SD - Your lot are lovely, but I do think Takara would pack herself a little bag and leave if I brought them here!! :lol:


We're having a little rest from fostering now too - just while my girls get settled again, each time we have a foster dog in (they come to learn some manners etc too) it does them good, but it also ups the stress levels and it also sets them back in their lead training so we're just getting back to normal before we upset the apple cart again! :lol:


Thank you for the lovely write up Gina, it means a lot :)

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