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Hospital bag advice needed (first baby!)

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hi im currently 36+4 and due 13th Feb 2012 with my first baby which is a girl.


ive packed my hospital bags based on what ive read from websites etc but just wanted to check if there was anything ive missed esp as this is my first baby and largely i feel like i havent got a clue!! and also its always good to get advice from women who have already been through it! I'm giving birth at Jessops too.


so for baby bag I have packed:

3 sleepsuits

3 vests/bodysuits


scratch mitts

12 newborn nappies

nappy sacks

couple of pair of socks

cotton wool pads and balls

nappy cream

baby towel

top to toe baby stuff by Johnsons (miniature not full size bottle!)

couple of hats


for coming home i have put a carrier bag in the car seat with a fleecy snow suit, hat and blanket.


in my bag (or should i say small suitcase lol!) i have packed:


2 nighties- one for giving birth, 1 to wear after (both have easy opening for breastfeeding)


nursing bras

pack of disposable knickers

some old big knickers

flip flops for shower

very small water jug (as heard peeing after labour is agony and pouring on warm water whilst u pee can help!!!


maternity notes incl birth plan

breast pads

dressing gown

maternity sanitary pads- 2 packs of 10 lol

face wipes

disinfectant wipes


water spray




snacks like nutrigrains

water and bottle of cordial

coins 4 phone/important numbers


headband as i have long hair

books/magazines in case 1st stage takes a while

towel and hair brush


and comfy clothes to come in


have i forgotten anything?! feel like i have loads but this seemed to be what was on the lists ive checked on various websites. ive got a little suitcase as figured it would be easier to just pull along and baby has a holdall. looks like im moving in but been watching One Born every minute and most ppl seem to have brought along quite a bit!!!


other issue is my partner doesnt drive so if i do forget anything will be a bit of a hassle for him to get 2 buses home to go and get it so figured it was just better to take everything i think i need, esp as i dont know how long i will be in hosp for. he is bringing car seat and carrier bag of going home bits later on when im ready to come home.


sorry this is a bit of a long post!!!


thanks Nic

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I'm hoping your over prepared Nic, because my hospital bag has a lot less in it!


I'm a first time mum also so would be good to actually here from someone who has had a baby before what they really needed.

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Hi there. I always think it is best to over pack rather than forget something - especially when packing for labour as otherwise you will just be stressing over forgetting something. I have had 2 babies and the main things that I used during labour was a flannel which my partner used to dab cold water on my face and one of those small handheld fans. It was only a cheap fan but it sure helped!!


Best of luck to you both

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I think you're pretty much covered. Should you need to stay in any longer then someone can always get you more nappies, maternity pads etc. A tip I found useful was to pack everything in the order you'll need it, ie. labour, birth, bath, ward, home. It saves you rooting through everything. Good luck to you hun!

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hi yeah i have 2 phone chargers- going to put 1 in at last minute as have one upstairs and one downstairs at moment.


i prob am over prepared but i dont want to be stressing cos ive forgot something- would rather take it and not use it than the other way round! x

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there are notices up in each bay or room at jessops saying you are not allowed to plug anything electrical in because its not safety checked, i was in between xmas and new year, when i got a private roon i charged my phone but tried to hide it so i didnt get into trouble, it would have been difficult in the ward so make sure your phone is fully charged up!

I took a pillow but only cos i knew i had at least a 2 night stay and wanted to be comfy,

take some muslin cloths or bibs otherwise your 3 babygros wont last very long!!

goodluck, being a new mum is just amazing,

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Oh yes......a pillow - I took one too. It is just an extra bit of comfort and is nice as it is familiar.

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Well, I'm due the day before you (2nd baby) but am nowhere near as organised!


It's probably worth taking some cash to pay for the tv system if you're in for a while before or after the birth. Also, they recommend only using water to wash newborns, so you can take out the Johnsons stuff if you need some more room in your bag!


Good luck!

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A pack of non perfumed wipes, these were a godsend for cooling the nether regions after l had stitches, especially after going to the loo, softer than toilet paper

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I'd leave the water personally.


I was in just before Christmas and was allowed to charge my phone so the signs mentioned above are very new.


I'd also take debit/credit card for the tv system (if you want to use it) rather than cash, much easier to top up from the bed than buying a card etc.


Good luck and I might see you in there :-)

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I'll admit to being a man, but our little one is only 7 months, so I can speak from some experience (apart from the birth part) and from having my mrs sat next to me.


We both think that's a lot too much in honesty. Particularly things like books/magazines etc. My mrs just pointed out that by the time we got back to hospital, the last thing on earth on her mind was reading. Her exact words "if you are able to read, you aren't in full labour, go home and relax!".


We went in when her waters broke during the first stage, and were sent home. We then went back, and believe me, you WILL know the difference between early stages, and "the real thing". I can't explain, but afterwards, you'll know what I mean :)


Same for hairbrushes etc - I wouldn't take too much, unless you're planning on being in a while? Our little girl was born at 1.53am, and by noon the same day, so within 11 hours, we were on our way home. :)


Oh and don't worry, it's the best experience in the world, it really is. :) I'm also being told it's no where near as painful as one born every minute would have you believe :)

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