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The Greatest Film Actors Ever.. Dead or Alive

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.............no contest for a living actor...Al Pacino without doubt!

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Gary Oldman

Al Pachino

Robert DeNero

Natalie Portman

Meryl Streep

Ian McKellen



Christopher Lee

Walter Mattau

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I've returned to comment on this thread having just read that John Wayne is included - twice. Dear me! He could only act badly. A really terrible choice.


The acknowledged best of all time is Brando. No one mentions the great British actor Charles Laughton. Few women are included and yet do you get any better than Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon or Geena Davies?


Richard Burton had a film career, John Hurt is truly masterful as is Ian Holm in anything they do. Ian MaKellan transferred across from stage to screen seemlessly. Alec Guiness and Ian Bannen.


These actors had great depth and could play any role convincingly. Too many listed on here were in good films and were not good actors. Eastwood's early career before he got personal control was trash. Robert Duval doesn't get a mention nor does Alan Rickman.


Bette Davies was absolutely smouldering on screen, again, no mention.


Ask me what I know about Pre-revolution China and I'd have to say absolutely nothing.

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