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Memories of Fulwood Cottage Homes

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On 02/01/2020 at 15:52, mikeG said:

Several boys from the homes were in my year at Lydgate Lane School 1948-54.  I contacted one of them on this site about 10 years ago. Melville Deakin. He ran a wine exporting business in America.

Hi Mike,  Seem to have lost touch with some lads that came on here, but did notice you put Melville Deakin,

i knew him as melvin deakin and the boy use to be in No6 house with me and our first house mother was

miss Linsley, she died then we had a house mother called Miss Marshall.  I went into Fulwood cottage homes

in 1942/3 left 1954. happy days speaking for myself. dont get on here these days i'm on

facebook more now. yours Brian

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On 25/09/2008 at 22:45, davygfuchsia said:

Evening Sedge and all


Sedge ,thankyou for the copies..We had a wonderful day .Aunty was in house 19 which is now number 42 ..we had agood look around and have a few photos.. Then went to the school.'Moorfield school' which in late twenties was girls only ..Then on to Christchurch Fulwood had a look inside and around the churchyard...

Weather was kind and we finished off with tea and a sticky bun .. All safely home ..




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