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Just being qualified doesnt mean you're owed a living, these people simply do not have to face up to the same level of accountability as the lower classes and how anyone can say that is fair is beyond me.


I think you will find that the higher up in command you go, the more accountability there is.


Personally what I'm against is these Social systems i.e. The Police, Fire Service, NHS, Social Workers (Which I assume most of you enjoy the benefits of these) are forced to make devestating cuts because our taxes are going to bail out banks and help the rich, rather than look after the people who truely need it.


Cuts are needed.

Idiots joyriding - Police

Idiots getting drunk and needing treatment - NHS

Idiots having children and creating dysfunctional families- social services




However to say Child benefits isnt a good idea seems crazy aswell considering these actually legitimately help families like my own with a mother (Who has a University Degree by the way) who has worked for her local council for 14 years and because of this restructuring has now been offered the choice between a ridiculously weak redundancy package, or apply for a job which there are now 24 other candidates for and A step father who as a Self Employed Contractor, he is the first to be affected by economic downturns and with 3 kids (yes i say the child benefits not only are useful but necessary. Fortunately I'm in a position now where I am Graduating from University and have quite a few options infront of me but I for one will never want to not help those who dont have the same options


Rewarding those who have children has never been a good idea. It is great in principle for those who take responsibility for their children, but for many idiots it is a cash cow. Free nursery places, child benefit, free this, free that, free summer clubs - you can pocket the money for booze and let the state look after your chuldren.

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