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The rhino whip affair.

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Hmn!!!!!... lots of people with lots of ideas how the Ripper got caught...let me tell you if the REAL truth ever came out you would be sick!!!! I DO KNOW THE TRUE STORY of how he was caught, starting with the REAL reason the cops went to check the car in the first place ( sorry why the SERGEANT) - went to check the car in the first place !!! a sergeant I knew very well from my days at West Bar when he was a PC- he is now deceased so I will never speak ill of the dead......suffice to say Sutcliffe was captured and that let all the 'top brass' at West Yorks off the hook... Remember I knew them all from my days on the Reg Crime Sqd......but to return to my original theme.. this was an isolated case the Ripper and I still say every-day crime was 'managed' to a degree... your mother could go to bingo or a church meeting in the evening- she can't now...!!!



Im guessing Booper really wanted to say that the copper who caught Sutcliffe was perving through the car window:gag:. It wasnt until this copper checked the registration of Sutcliffes car that it was found to be on false plates. The rest is history.

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