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'LiveWell' Support group for people with chronic pain and illness

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New support group for people with chronic pain and illness


A relaxed mutually supportive environment to gain life skills and immediate relief from the emotional burden of living with chronic conditions.


Suitable for sufferers of ME, Fibromyalgia, persistant pain following injury, ongoing medical conditions and feelings of physical discomfort.



This group will meet every other Tuesday 10:20am-1:00pm

Venue: Wellforce on Wilkinson St, Sheffield

Fee: £20/session or £100 for 6 sessions

Facilitated by Abigail Barragry and Frances Goodall. Facilitators are qualified therapists with personal experience in this area.


This will be a small group and fee mainly covers hire of venue.


This group has the following aims:


Outlet for talking about experiences

Gain insight through self exploration

Learn through other's experiences

Motivation and empowerment

Enhancing tools and coping skills

Chance to work through specific propblems

Relaxation and stress management


Approaches include:



Gupta Amygdala Retraining

Meditation and Sound Healing

Expressive Arts Therapy


For more information contact Abigail :)

0780 7011184



Or visit our Facebook page ('Livewell- a support group for people with chronic pain and illness'

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If you genuinely cannot afford it, we can sometimes offer concessions to attend on a donation basis.


Of course all memebers would rather not pay I imagine, so we do have to be a bit discreet as you can understand.


Thus far, my colleague and I are actually out of pocket for running the group, which we dont mind, but we do rely on payments (as affordable) to try and not have us too out of pocket!


That said, I would never want someone to not be able to attend because they cannot afford the cost. Maybe you can send me a private message if you would like to discuss further....?


Our next session is tomorrow morning. Come along!

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The only problem I would imagine for alot of people with FMS and CFS is the times of your meetings, many sufferers can't function at all in the morning, so to get to Wilkinson street for 10.20 would be tough for alot of patients.

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I would like to join this but I have severe pain caused by a neurological disease that is also known as motor neurons.

I am on the mophine tablets at 35 mg twice a day, the morphine solution at 10 ml every hour, acupan, naproxen and paracetamol.

I suffer with this pain due to muscle waist in my spine causing my spine to curve.


I am having an operation a week tomorrow where they are going to do a branch block.

So hopefully this will work but I would be willing to come along.

The place has to be disabled access as I am in a wheelchair due to weakness in my ankles caused by muscle waist. Thanks

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Hi Charlie,


Sounds like you have a lot going on, but are getting pro-active treatment. I've had experience with morphine tablets and solution myself with my own journey, having broken my entire body on Jan 1st. I can empathise somewhat with your pain.


I do hope the branch blocking works, and we would love to have you at the group. There is wheelchair access at Wellforce, but you must go round the back. So turn off Wilkinson st to get to the road running paralel along the bac side of the buildings.


We just had a lovely session this morning, and the next one will be Tuesday 13th December.


See livewellsupport.blogspot.com for full info, and let me know if if you would like any more information, support, or to provisionally book in!


Kind regards,



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And by the way Helen, thanks for your pointer. We find that people with CFS, ME, etc tend to differ in that some are worse in the mornings and some totally flag by afternoon.


However, as of January, as well as fortnightly Tuesday mornings we will be doing once a month Sunday afternoons. Hope this will help to accomodate for more of the different needs!





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