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Weight loss, fitness clubs, and exercise contacts

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New Year Poem



Slimming World Plan we're about to restart


But this time we'll do it, we want to take part.


We've tried all the others without much success,


But this is the one to get into THAT dress




For years we've tried hard to lose excess weight,


And we now have the answer to looking just great.


For us no more chips or Big Macs on a whim


We want to look good and we'd love to be slim




We joined other clubs where we'd regularly meet


But all we are told is what NOT to eat.


They said don't do this and they said don’t have that


So we paid all that money for a bit of a chat!




We all have a wardrobe from size 12 up past 20


And big. baggy jumpers of which there are plenty


A draw of small undies is a dream we all know


So those big ugly knickers really must go!




With time passing quickly and teenage years gone,


We have no more excuses to rely on.


The one about puppy fat ran out long ago


So this time its business let’s give it a go!




Believe in yourself, you really can win


Just turn up to each week, and take everything in.


The help, the support and great food ideas


2012 is our year of years.





Slimming World Consultant

Walkley Community Centre

Thursdays 7:30

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Revolution Gym, Rotherham is starting a diet corner in January on Saturdays at 11.00 am. You don't have to be a gym member to come along - weightloss is not rocket science and together we can help each other achieve anything...... We will share some basic dos and don'ts and provide support for each other.


Revolution Gym is on Bridgegate above the Rhino pub - the first session will be on January 7th. If you are not a member the cost will be £1.00 only


Give us a ring on 01709 372659 if you want any more information or visit our website for a map of our location.


Can't wait to meet you all, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you in 2012.


join us on facebook at RevolutionGym Rotherham ;):)

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Thanks for the information on this everyone.

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Believe & Achieve Retreat

January 14th & 15th 2012


So you enjoyed the festivities and ate your body weight in Doritos and mince pies? Ready to get back in shape and get the body you have always wanted? This is the kick-start you need! A weekend dedicated to exercise, optimum nutrition and positivity. This is NOT a quick-fix bootcamp, but a fun weekend that will give you the knowledge and confidence to finally take control of your diet and fitness.




• 1 nights accommodation

• All meals, drinks and snacks

• A Minimum of 6 exercise sessions including circuits and hikes

• In depth nutrition talk looking at what you can eat rather than what you can’t and support creating weekly menus and shopping lists

• Kelly Rennie Healthy living recipe book

• Positivity techniques

• Goal setting workshop ensuring you have clear short, medium and long term goals and know exactly what you are going to do on leaving the retreat in order to be able to achieve them.

• Average weight loss in just 2 days is 3lbs


For more information please call 07921089367 or e mail info@believeachieve-retreat.com






Feedback from one of the November Retreat attendees


• Brilliant people - organisers and participants

• Excellent vibe, everybody willing and open

• Spot on schedule with a perfect mix of activities and classroom sessions - I cannot fault it. Nothing too rushed or too slow,

• I really liked how the classrooms sessions weren't at all taxing, and a good mix of delivered talking, group interaction/debate, and physical materials/handouts

• It was fantastic to learn that realising your dreams/ambitions, and being happier every day is actually ridiculously simple

• The food was dee-lish, and there was lots available for a gannet like me. I never ate my secret stash of 9 Bars and nuts

• I lost 3 pounds!

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Thanks. i was looking for a persional dietician and nutritionist who can cater to my problems. would contact you soon

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Hi we are an online fitness store. We deal in a variety of fitness equipments like treadmills, crosstrainers, exercise, recumbent bikes and many more. you will get all premium brands from us. And we provide discounted items with maximum warranty

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BMI Over 30? Holistic weight management conference


19th 20th and 21st Feb 2012


FAT TUESDAY In the eye of the beholder conference


International speakers and experts help you get





Buy one get one free on tickets purchased before Friday 10th Feb

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Thanks for dropping by.


I love the idea and practice of healthy living through eating the right foods, excersing and overall practices. I think and know that herbs and spices are sometime not taken as seriously as they should for their healthy and healing powers but I can assure many that they do work for imporoving and maintain good health. I came across a few sites recently where you can get herbs for almost every ailment in the book and I have a couple discount codes to give away free.


If you interested please pm me and I'll pass them on FREE!!!!

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Someone suggested I put the codes on here for the site yahphe.com where u get discount on purchases of herbal teas so here gos' I was given code ZTE86e.


labaymarket.com - CC8c234 for discount


Try you might like.

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Hi, we would also like to offer both men and women a free trial session of laser lipo this weekend at Beautie Spot clinic at Handsworth. It is pain free, non-invasive and requires to recovery time. If you want instant amazing results, PM me to book the free session on Sunday 4th March.

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