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Viraaj Woodseats Indian Tapas

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Viraaj is hands down the best Indian resteraunt I have been to, it also looks very nice inside and the customer service is second to none. My missus was not a big fan of curries at all, in fact it was very rare we ever went to Indian resteraunts, and it is now her favourite resteraunt locally (or at least a tie with Beijing City).


The buffet nights were good, havent tried tapas yet, their chicken satuki is amazing.


Not paid to say it, dont work there or own it, it is the best resteraunt in sheffield and the best indian resteraunt ever.


"the best restaurant in Sheffield and the best Indian restaurant ever"


That's rather a sweeping statement isn't it?


Not saying it isn't good mate - I've no idea. I've not tried it. I might do now you've mentioned it. But if it is better than the Painted Heron in Fulham, The Port d'Indes just off Marble Arch, Veeraswamy's on Regent Street, or about 20 others in London I'll be turning cartwheels the length of Chesterfield Road.


And if it does better tandoori than Akbars I'll be surprised and eternally grateful to you for bringing it to my attention.


And if it's better than Takdir takeaway I'll switch my allegiance to it immediately.

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Sounds really good, been meaning to try Viraaj since it opened.

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