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Very loving, affectionate cat requires home

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Sale Amount


Free to a good home


Reason for Rehome / Sale


I am moving to Manchester and my partner has a German Shephard which is not good with animals and would harm my cat.


Time Scale – How Urgent?


Have got 3 weeks before I move, so, pretty urgent.


Has the Cat ever been in Rescue








Age & Sex


6 Years (roughly), Female


Vaccinated & Wormed


Wormed definately, vaccinated - not sure


Neutered & Micro chipped


Neutered - Yes, Micro Chipped - No


Breed/ Mix






Dark Chocolate Brown






Live in / Or in and out


Lives in due to damaged eye, I believe she can see through the damaged eye but not sure.

Is able to go out but preferably away from dangerous roads.


Used to a cat flap


Never tried her


Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals


Has shared a home with one other cat, but, she tolerates rather than gets on with other animals.


Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues


Has a damaged eye that doesn't cause her any discomfort, just needs the occasional wipe to keep it clean.




Very, very affectionate and loving.


OK with Dogs / Cats


As stated above, tolerates other cats but doesn't really get on with them.


Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching


Yes, she is very laid back in that sense


Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching


She loves to be groomed and will lay there and purr like mad.


Good or Bad with Children


Brilliant with children.


Dislike of Men or Women


She likes all people




Yes, fully housetrained



Any further General Information you can share.


I was given this cat about 6 years ago and she has been well loved and cared for, unfortunately, due to moving and my partner having dogs, I am unable to take her with me, this cat is the easiest cat to look after and is no trouble at all, she will give loads of love to whoever decides to take her.

She does drool and has a damaged eye and we believe this is from a possible accident she had as a kitten, but, we have no proof of this.

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