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Totley in the 50s and 60s

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He must be nearly 70. Am sure Bud played in the notorious 20 a side football matches in Green Oak Rec on Sunday afternoons


He's well turned 70, his brother Ken never seems to age. You know when you are getting older when you can remember Bud working (OK going in) for Bernard Proctor, he eventually had to have that green Honda anorak amputated. :hihi:

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In 1964 I was an apprentice Electrician in and around Totley, I was there today and enquired about Peter and Beryl Casson, they have retired.

I see little has changed around the area, unlike the rest of my visit to the city and sourounding area, not for the best

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I,m sure there must be plenty on this forum who grew up in Totley during this period. I would particularly like to hear the recollections of those, like me, who lived in a prefab on Green Oak Estate and/or attended Totley County School in the 50s


hello breb48 i lived on aldam way in the 60s delivered the star round greenoak for bonners; totley c of e 56 to 65 .also know bud have not seen him for years.had a pall in them days lived a bove the shoe shop\ cobblers on totley rise they used to keep a pig in a shed on the backlane also on the backlane the farmers yard barns he ran the butchers next to grattons.

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The criteria to be awarded a council house in Totley these days appears to be:-


A member of an ethnic minority.

A minging family with chav kids.

Whichever of the above, being on benefits would be an advantage.

The skills required to smoke a hubble bubble pipe in your front garden.

The ability to terrorise normal kids who wish to play in Green Oak Park.

Being stupid enough to attempt to scare Jamie Reeves in the co-op (the worlds strongest man 1989), now that was funny. :hihi:


I guess it's changed a bit. :rolleyes:

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