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Ghosts!! Science vs. Spiritual

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No it isn't.




Don't you get bored of saying the same thing over and over again in slightly different ways?


for people who want to see that last thread ""what rickie re posted" that is not the same topic at all.


1. its a poll

2. i never mention and ask for your views on the science spiritul side.

3. i didnt ask for your views on James Randi's challange.

4. its a total diffrent post. lol.

5. stop trying to fault me.



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Many of you will remember the Stocksbridge By Pass incident involving two Security Guards and, later Police Officers.


I worked at the security firm and remember the state of the men when they came back to our office.


I have kept in touch with one of them over the years, he is still undergoing therapy. The other now lives in a Monastery in Canada. Whilst there he has been visited by represenatives of the Roman Catholic, Orthodox and other Christian churches, he was also visited by a Mufti of the Muslim religion in 2010.


I dont know about scientific proof, but in the case of the religion these people clearly believe that what happened on that night in the late 80s was very significant.

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