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The Journey Of Belly Dance - Sun 19th June 2011

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SUNDAY 19th JUNE 2011


2:00pm SHOW

(1:15pm - demos from local bellydancers)

£10:00 / £7:50


We follow the story of a group of dancers working together to produce a finale piece for their new production. Their desire to reflect what "Belly Dance" really means today takes the audience on a journey to look at perceptions of Belly Dance in both Middle Eastern and Western culture and how the interplay of these cultures has developed the dance to its current status. Diverse and exciting choreographies intermingle with a narrative that guides the audience through the show. The personality of each dancer is showcased celebrating the individuality of women in Belly Dance!



The touring cast include:

Claire Novis – Dancer, Choreographer & Artistic Director

Heather Charlton – Dancer and Choreographer

Anna Bisco (Loveday) – Dancer, Choreographer & Publicity Officer

Sabrina Owen – Dancer and Choreographer

Vanessa Clipsham – Dancer and Choreographer

Naomi Howard – Dancer, Choreographer and Funding

Nisha Lall – Dancer and Choreographer

Stephanie Jagger – Dancer

Sarah Pulman – Dancer


Buy tickets online: http://www.aimtodance.co.uk


The Tarab Dance Company is a Middle Eastern Dance touring company whose members are Belly Dancers and Middle Eastern Dance specialists from across the UK. The company strives to produce original work that inspires and excites audiences, sharing the beauty and joy of Middle Eastern Dance and its music.

The Company tour throughout the UK and are also available to book for tailored shows at festivals, events and parties.

For more details on our current show please visit the website


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