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Hallam towers hotel

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does anyone know if there is squatters in hallam towers hotel on fulwood road was going to work this afternoon and something made me look up and i saw some people on the roof then when passing tonight around 7ish there were three people climbing over the wall two women and 1 man , there was three push bikes leaning on the fencing this afternoon

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I remember when that hotel was built. Hallam Towers and The Grand Hotel (Leopold St) were the two poshest hotels in town. What has happened to it to allow squatters to inhabit it? Has it closed down?


yeah, years ago.I used to work there as a chef,many moons ago.

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Guest sibon

There were loads of students playing in there when I drove past this evening. They were climbing the wall and sliding down the lamp post. Maybe that is what the OP saw.


Or perhaps I misconstrued a really unusual protest:D

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