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Anyone know anything about carpet fitting?

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I had new carpets fitted throughout in my new house about 2 years ago. The lounge is quite large and the carpet had to be joined. This looked great at first, you could hardly tell. But I have quite a powerful vacuum, and over time the join has begun to fray and go slightly bald. When this first started I put some glue under the joint to reinforce it, but it didnt have any effect and its still going. I thought of putting a metal plate over it but its a long length and it would be quite unsightly. Additionally, I have a concrete floor. The cover type metal plates Ive seen are screw in. Im not convinced I would be able to secure it. Part of the join has a settee over it, so no problem, but I have a section about 6 foot long that is exposed. I have thrown a rug on it for the time being, but Im not happy about it.


Is there a solution to this?


I have thought about tape, glue etc but I want to get it right. As there are already a couple of bald areas I am stumped how to cover them up.

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Do you have any carpet scraps left over? If so, you could get a professional in to repair the damage with the scraps, or make a matching rug from them by having it bound round the edges.


What about claiming on your contents insurance?

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