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Telephoto lens for Nikon D40X

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I hired the "Bigma" 50-500mm lense last summer from Lenses for Hire, I took it on holiday with my D40 (eating up my baggage allowance!). I've always used lenses for hire and am really happy with the service, but there are loads of other companies who hire lenses. I don't think anyone in Sheffield does though.

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The cheapest telephoto lens for your camera would be the Nikkor 70-300 but this won't autofocus on the D40x due to the lack of a built-in motor. You can pick this up from around £100 new or meehailam is selling one above for £75.


If it was me I'd probably go with the 55-300 VR lens if you can afford it. This will autofocus with your camera and also has Vibration Reduction so you're less likely to suffer blurred photos if you're hand holding the camera. This is around £230 but is a very good lens :)

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