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Comsic Disco/House/Techno for Mums & Dads

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I'm about to become a dad (tomorrow)! and think there's loads of other Mams and Dads who could do with a proper night out dancing like they did when music was good. I've had a an idea for ages that we find enough people, book the baby-sitters, sort the venue, get someone to organise the music. But perhaps we all vote on what we want before. Rather than getting some cocky 22 year old telling us whats good. I'm thinking cosmic/disco/house/techno good groovy no attitude, dance your arse off for hours stuff. We could even just nick a load of tracks off the internet and play them loud somewhere.

Have a listen to this mix: http://snd.sc/dNHyEh but this was just my idea what would make everyone dance, not too hard or boring. Big smiles and knowing looks... Have a listen and let me know what you think to the idea????

I've put a mark about 5 mins in, this sort of thing would make me dance like TW*T but I'm open to what everyone else thinks.


We all need a good dance! Mortgages aside! Get the babysitters in!



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