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Beautiful house bunny for rehoming

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:help: I need a new home for my really beautiful house rabbit. :help:



Rehome or Sale? Rehome


Reason for Rehome / Sale?

I'm looking for a very loving home for my bunny. It breaks my heart to have to let her go but iam pregnant and our baby is due soon, and sadly we need the room for the nursery. She is a gorgeous glossy black house rabbit who loves company and loves to be stroked.


Sale Amount? N/A





Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously?

Yes. I got her from helenasq on here. She was one of a litter who were born after their pregnant mother was rescued by Helen.


Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting?

Yes, she is very friendly and has never bitten me. If her nails need cutting then I've had the odd scratch but it is never intentional!


Age & Sex?

Almost 2 years old and female.


Breed/ Mix?

Unknown as she was born to a rescued rabbit. She has short, incredibly glossy black fur.


Colour/coat type?

Really glossy and black all over-even her fluffy tail!


Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching?

Yes-she especially loves to sit next to you and be stroked and groomed.


Live in / out?

Inside-we got her when she was a tiny baby and she has always lived inside.


Neutered/spayed? No


Chipped? No


Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues?

None-we've never had any problems. As I mentioned, she has always lived inside so she doesn't suffer any of the problems associated with outdoor bunnies.



Lovely. She loves to play and has her mad moments of running around and bunny hopping then comes and flops down next to you for a stroke.


Vaccinated & Wormed?

No as she lives indoors.


Any special knowledge needed?

None if you have had house rabbits before. She is trained to use a litter tray in her cage. The cage will come as part of the deal as she likes her home. It is a large cage specifically designed for house rabbits. I shut the cage door when we are out but she loves to run around the house when we're in. She does nibble wires if she gets to them but we just have plastic protectors around the ones which we cannot hide.


General Information you can share?

As I said at the beginning, I really don't want to give her up but I don't really have any other option as I need the room for the baby. I want to find her a really loving home where she will be given lots of care and attention as she is a truly lovely pet and deserves a good home.


Please PM me if you think you may be able to offer her a home.


Many thanks


A very sad Abbie xx

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Sorry to put a bit of a downer on things but have you told Helen that you are rehoming the rabbit? only I am sure that she would have asked to be told if you could not keep it for any reason.

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