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How do I start writing a book.. A little advice

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Hello Modeboutique,

This may be a bit late in the day, I've only just joined the forum. However, I've just about completed writing my first novel, and what I know now, that I wasn't absolutely aware of at the start is: characters! By that, I mean, if you create good characters, in either a positive, or a negative way, you'll find that the problem is knowing how to stop writing, rather than how to start.


In the assumption that your work will be fictional. I would advise starting by writing a plot summary, and within it, define just a nucleus of seriously 'interesting' characters. If you make them interesting, you'll find, when you start to write, they will begin to 'live'. As long as your plot is well defined, creating a narrative around good characterisation is not a problem. Whether the writing itself is any good is another issue, but a decent plot and interesting characters are essential. Revision can always improve poor initial writing, but you'll struggle to revise flat characters into round ones, or make dull characters interesting.


This is what I've learned, I hope it's of use.



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