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Who remembers Penistone Road

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Remember being on stike,(again), early 70's and outside Daniel Doncasters, in a big punch up between police and pickets. Both me and my boss, the forman, got detained by a pc. He was about to book us when another scuffle started. He stood us up against the wall and said we should stay until he came back. We legged it to the cafe across Penistone Road and drank tea and watched the drama across the road. Happy, militant days.


are you Alan or Mick ?


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I remember FTW motor bike shop opposite the gates at Hillsborough park.


Also the Pigeon sheds on the banking opposit whats now Montys Motors.


pigeon coyts if you don,t mind

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Used to get my hair cut at Lightening Freds. Shop was between Barrack and I think there was a glass fronted cafe on the corner of Bamforth and Penistone Road. Worked at Daniel Doncasters from '65-'82. Bought my paper at "Mac's" every morning.






I dont suppose you knew my grandad? Machinist at Doncasters for years. Willis Broadhurst?

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Just been doing some work on my family tree, and discovered my great grandfather Frank Ellis lived on Winster St up to 1950s. 

A long shot but wondered if anyone hs any memories. 

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Sorry, bit late to this thread

I worked at CG Carlisle on Capel Street in the mid 70’s  we used to go to ‘Benny’s’ shop at the side of the Barrack Tavern for the breakfast sarnies.  We used to try to get in before the lads at Doncaster’s or we’d be queueing for ages!  Other memories are going into the Mason’s Arms at dinner time, having a couple of drinks in a 30 minute lunch break and then trying to be sensible in the afternoon - especially during the red hot summer of ‘76. 

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