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Memories of The City School - Stradbroke Road

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HI Alylou, Lewis Cypher,


I think I was there a year or two ahead of you, I left in 1980, I think Saskia was in my little brother's class, Jarvis was in the year below me I think. We were all in one room for 6 form.


I remember a lot of teachers people have mentioned. Pity if Swifty has lost the plot, he was probably the best teacher when I was there. I remember Mr Hugman, we were pretty awful to him but he was really kind. He left when I was there. There was another RE teacher Mr Kendellen, he was a councillor or something as I remember.


StJohn/ Sinjen "over to the spowts ow, sit against the wow"


Tingle - he was a scary bloke, but he and Mr Bant (metalwork) took a few of us sailing a few times on one of the dams. That was good but i was always dead scared of drowning.


Paulson, he was the Chemistry chap with the hair, Biffo we used to call him. There was a technician called Graham around as well. And Physics was taught by Mr Ward - did he really get married? We watched the cricket when we were revising.


Another science teacher was mr Kita, there was a story that both he and

Mr Fletcher (hisotry) were in the Vietnam war. And Mr Brown was supposed to have got his legs shot up in a Spitfire. i don't remember a Mrs Brown.


Mr Parsonage was a new arrival when i was there, he took us for one year of german. There was another german/ french teacher mr Hall, we called him Ajud.


In art we had miss robinson I think, who was lovely, there was also miss kitson and Mr Thornton who became head of Sixth form. He let a couple of us do photography, Mark White was in that group.


Anybody remember Shep / Rob / Wato / Mark and Andy (twins) Pete / Mark. Gail / Zoe / Bev / Marie / Diane / Hayley. Shep was an actor, did he ever make it big time?

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SJC 204


sounds like you were in the year above me. i left 6th form in 81.

Shep did make it in acting - became a Teacher - now a Head in Newcastle.

Afew of us met up in Sheffield in the last couple of years - Shep, his older bros Ian, Pete Beighton. John Wood, Dave and Andy Burkinshaw, Steve Middleton and myself - Nigel Holmes. Did all the old haunts around west street. Should be doing it again this year

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I left City School in 1981 I think. Alan Debes was the headmaster then. My form teacher was Mrs Pugh. Mister Tingle was there for years after I left!

People I remember, Keeley Perkins, Julie Williams, Stephen Piper and Joanne Grundy. Must be lots more :)

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On 02/06/2008 at 08:02, EEZA said:

Hi all

I attended City School 1972-1977?

Things I remember in no particular order.......

Mr Tingle (decent bloke)

Mr StJohn (mayor of Toytown)

Mr Swift (good teacher)

Playing Rugby

Smoking behind the sportshall

People who spring to mind....

Carlton King (R.I.P)

Andy Lilliker (LIL)

Mark (Billy) Weston

Tit & Tat


Paul Mills (tall)

Fiona Headleand (1st crush)

Kerry Marsden (never had the balls to ask her out)

Jane Birks (what a chest!!)

Janet Silkstone (Nice girl)

I could go on... anyone on here remember any of the above?

oh! Happy Days !!

Long time since this was posted I know but just found the forum recently I recognise some of those names, I was same era

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I was there 1964 to 71. We had the distinction of being the first new intake into the Stradbroke Road site in 64 and the first ones into the brand new sixth form block in 69. Still cannot smell furniture polish or new leather without being transported back to 64. And all the new blackboards squeaked !

I think opening and helping to run the tuckshop helped form my "buying and selling" career !

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On 31/07/2005 at 07:26, melthebell said:

i didnt go there..........being a beaver hill lad :P ......but i used to hang around there and went to the youth club there........where hazzo used to take his keyboards and play....lol


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2 hours ago, Strad Lad said:

cheers fella, didnt know i dont think :(

3 hours ago, Strad Lad said:



didnt know this existed either, used to hang around town with Jools (R.I.P) was my drinking buddy for many years and used to see him and Hazzo messing around on fargate.

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