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Old Queens Head Ghost Investigation Report.

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Investigation Report


Investigators: Lee S, Lee M, Nick

Guests: Laura, Ann , Paul, Niall, Big John

Location: Sheffield Old Queens Head.

Type of House / Property: 14th century Public House.


Paranormal occurrences and history of the building:

Margret and Phil current occupants of old queens head public house explain to us in October 2010 they have never encountered anything paranormal to the point were they couldn’t give a reasonable explanation to the happening, However the pub seems to be very popular with “Ghost hunters” maybe due to the great history of the pub, and the tunnel connections underneath the pub.


Although we have seen nothing spectacular at the pub it still supposedly holds and few ghosts and haunts according to other peoples and groups, who have investigated the property.


Here are some sightings and reports (Not written from project-reveal)

“There has been a lot of stories and reports over the years of ghostly going on, one of which relates to a ghost who likes to spend time in the ladies loo! It has been heard in the cubicles, it is known to try and unlock the cubicle doors, and even unrolls the toilet paper onto the floor. “

“Another spirit likes to sit at a table in the snug part of the pub, after it was opened up to put the bar round. A pint would appear at the end of the night, and the landlord got upset with the staff for not cleaning up properly but the staff said they knew nothing about were this pint had come from. So the landlord tasted the pint one evening, and found it wasn’t a taste of any pint he sold at the pub. Curious by this he decided to leave the pint on the bar instead of clearing it up. In the morning when he came down stairs, the pint had been drunk. He decided to film the area with his CCTV but the phantom pint has not been seen since. Maybe a thirsty soul who waited patiently for his pint, had his fill and went on his merry way?”


“The old original fireplace is said to be the place one spirit likes to stand and look around as though he recognises the place, but not the furnishings. This spirit is said to be a Civil War Soldier from the time Oliver Cromwell ordered Sheffield Caste to be taken, and the Duke of Arundel (John Bright) took the castle. The soldier is said to be one of John Brights men. “


To this day it is believed that the pub still has its ghostly visitors, but people have become more acustom to them. They still shock and surprise some unsuspected visitors. So remember, if you are wanting that quiet pint to wind down, you are not alone.


Site Inspection Report

Investigator: Lee s / Nick / Lee M Date: 02/October/2010

Site: Old Queens Head Pub

Before any Investigations Project-reveal like to do a site inspection report and look for all faults.. On what may cause activity on the night.

Windows: (all ok)

Doors: 1 Broken (B1)


Toilet door not fitted right. (B1) (This could be what people are seeing in the toilets)


3 Lose materials (C2)


Speaker brackets loose on upper and low floors (C2)


1 Squeaks (D4)


Stairs to the Upper floor squeaks (which could effect any evp done in past and present)

Drafts :

1 Vent (F4)


Found a draft upstairs but couldn’t pin point were it was coming from. However downstairs we did find a vent with a slight draft which could explain any cold spots near it.


Objects (check those that apply)

0 Items that make noise (H1)

0 Moving parts that squeak (H2)

Objects that could cause any Ghostly reflections were, pumps, picture frames, tables, glasses, optics.

Smells; (NON)

Signs of Animal Presence; (NON)

Hallucinogens; (NON)

False Haunting; (NON)

0 Found Tape of sounds (X1)

0 String to make things move (X2)

0 Projector to make project images (X3)


Base Readings

EMF Reading - Cause Of Reading - Area Of Reading

20.00mg - Bar Pumps - Dining Room

20.00mg - Bar Pumps - Main Side

20.00mg - Behind the Bar “in mid air” - Couldn’t Pin Point a cause

0.0mg - Upstairs Function Room.

16c (Temp) - In All Rooms.

29.2db (Sound) - In all Rooms


The Investigation

After Base readings all the team relocated upstairs in the function room to talk about the case Readings they got, which they got a strange EMF behind the bar which the team and guests couldn’t work out the cause.

The Team Decided to start the investigation in the function room, Our first method of investigation which was an EVP Session (Electronic voice phenomena). All members who was present would state there name for the recording and the investigators and guests would ask questions to see if they would get response from the ghosts?? To Avoid confusion all members present was told to hold there hand up when they want to ask a question to the EVP recorder then leaving a 10 second gap for any response. E

After a few minutes of calling out, we asked if there was anyone there and the K2 meter started to flicker on full bars “Lee asked if anyone had there phones on and got a message, everyone said no they haven’t”

The team asked to see if the spirit could do that again “if it was a spirit” there was no response..

10 minutes later into the EVP session nick went down stairs to check a CCTV Camera.. And all members upstairs heard like a convo between two people what sounds like it came from down stairs.

We instantly though nick was talking.. When he came back up, we asked was you talking down stairs he replied no.. I don’t talk to my self.

We tried to get more responses but failed. We then tried to do a séance to try and build up some energy.. During the séance we heard the sounds of a “plate smashing” Most likely coming from outside the pub. Certain members of public felt Cold spots in the séance also during the evp session a member of the public pointed out a cold spot which we couldn’t find the cause of the draft / coldness.

After the séance ended we went down stairs to try the same methods of investigation and we didn’t really get any responses or activity.. Only responses we did get was the Cell Censor (EMF) going off.. Which we think was the bar pumps.

After a while of hardcore investigations the public wanted to do some more spiritual work.. This time with a glass and a table “glass work”

Project-reveal is not a fan of glass work because it is easy to fake, and your subconscious can move the glass with you not been aware.

However the public was amazed by the glass moving all members of public said they wasn’t pushing it.. And they felt a really cold chill come over them… Laura asked everyone to take there figures off the glass and it was still moving which looked like it shocked her.

PR wants to stress that glass work is in no way evidence of the paranormal in the eyes of project-reveal.

Please see our video investigation.




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Ang on just one minute... What is 'revanation' work ?

I think they're doing up an old van to look like a cross between the 'Scoobymobile' and the 'ghostbusters' car whilst waiting for the ghosties to appear! :hihi:

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