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Idiots on 2 quads racing up and down S5

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my boyfriend has a quad and he was out on it yesterday around s5 where exactly im not sure. but him and his friends arent little boys there grown men who all have road legal quads all they wanted to do was go out on them an have fun instead of sitting in the house moaning about the snow like it seems a lot of other people were doing..

im sure though that if it was them that was down near ritz bingo and they saw kids in the road or near the road they would slow down so cant imagine it been him and his friend that the op is talking about.

they dont wear helmets either because they dont have to.

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i think its the kids the s5 gang on morgan ave..up the top


I know the lads your talking about, I work with one of their dads, in fact I was with him when they pulled into the petrol station on Moonshine Lane to fill up yesterday. They are not road legal and they are all under age anyway, they all have scooters at home but couldnt use them with the snow so they were out on the quads. My mate laughs when someone accuses his son of being in the S5 gang, he says they are nothing more than mindless vandals, that includes his tearaway son.

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