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..so anoyed !! ..

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i had a call today from a young lady who wanted gorge to stud her bitch when has her season when i questioned her about her basset

as i like to know how old she is & if there are any illness & dose she have a weighting list for the pups ,etc

she told me that it would be her bassets 1st season & she was only

wanting to breed her so it calms her dawn

well anyone knows that letting your dog have puppies just to calm her dawn

doesn't mean it will have that affect

i also told her that her basset is way to young & refused to breed her with gorge

i spent ages on the phone trying to deter her from breeding

her bitch stating that it can also be dangerous for the young mum & the puppies

but i know she has taken no notice of me & will go & find a stupid person with a male basset & let them breed no matter how old she is

im a very responsible breeder & i have had a list for june & gorges puppies

since the beginning of last year & i have 8 people on the list

& have turned people away because im not sure how many puppies they will

have but i take it very seriously & it gets me so mad when people are irresponsible with their pets :|

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Well you cant educate pork!!!

Good for you though, i dont think there is enough people out there like you.

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no but you can stuff it :hihi:

for everyone that calls wanting a basset

i question them on whether

i think a basset would be suitable

& if not i advise they get a dog from a shelter

or think about a different breed

i refused to let someone have a puppy

because the wanted on just because

their surname was basset they knew nothing about bassets

& they had never had a dog before

nether had they ever came in contact with dogs

a basset is not your ideal 1st time dog

you realy need to do your reserch before even

thinking about having a basset.

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