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Cat with suspected thyroid problem

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I took my cat Jessica to the vets this morning shes 13.She had started losing hair from underneath her stomach,the vet siad this could be due to her having fleas a while ago and shes got into the habit of overgrooming,but she then asked if it was ok to give her a general check,she checked her heart,teeth,eyes ect and said she suspected she could be starting with her thyroid as she could feel it,ive had a full blood count done £86 and will wait for results,i asked and she said her symptoms looked very much like she had,ie puttong on weight and constipation,its early stage she thinks,any ideas and what the prognosis and treatment is and is it curable so she has a good quality of life

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One of mine had this, though i can't remember if over or under active. She was about 13/14 (rescue)


She lost weight if i remember. Had blood tests done. It was thyroid, we decided on the operation. and it was all done in less than a month, she recovered really quickly and she lived another 2 years and died from probably cancer, completely unrelated.


There is the choice of tablets (???), operation for removal £300 (was) plus a small possibility of tablets needed (mine didn't need), and my mum aslo says as her cat has this atm some kind of radioactive iodine therapy £1200 and they have to live away from the family for about a month.


Hope it all goes well for you and your cat.

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