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Hi Everyone


My name's Emma and I've recently become a Slimming World Consultant.


In October, I will be taking over the fantastic group that runs at 7pm on wednesday nights, at St Columba Church on Manchester Road in Crosspool S10.

I really want to promote the group as much as I possibly can in the run up to my opening night and wondered if any of you lovely people would be able to give me a hand? :help:

I need to put up as many posters as I can and find lots of great locations to pop my A-board for a day.

So any suggestions would be great and even better, if you work at, or own a local business or you and/or your kids go to a regular group and would be happy to put a poster up or dont mind my A-board outside your shop/pub/church/playgroup/hairdressers etc then please let me know.


If you are a memeber of a school PTA and can offer any help for example bookbag drops, stalls at an autumn fair or some space in your newsletter etc


In the run up to my big night, I'll be out leafletting (hopefully the kids will help out too, with a little bribery hehehe), so if your see me, please stop and say hi and feel free to ask me anything you want to know about Slimming World.


Not long until Christmas and the party season now, but still easily enough time to lose at least a stone, without starving yourself or going without.


Just cant wait to get started in group now...I'm so excited!!!


Thanks Emma x

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