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'Changing Faces' Exhibition - 29,30,01 2010

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You are invited to Changing Faces


The rusted remnants of Steel City’s former namesake serve to remind us of a glorious industrial past, but what of the future?

As the dust settles on our beloved Tinsley Towers and one of our last remaining symbols of industry; Sheffield Forgemasters, is left reeling … we watch on, meandering through a fractured cityscape of illuminated piano keyboards and cheese graters…


On 29th September, eight artists will explore Sheffield’s industrial heritage;


AG Smith presents a new triptych from his ‘Valley’ series; focused on form and the interplay between nature and industrial architecture.


Hedley Bishop, Jim Lambert and Mark Wallis (Pictures of Sheffield old and new) capture forgotten objects - torn out page 3 girls gaze out from the walls of an abandoned warehouse…disused keys litter the floor.


Berris Conolly presents a series of provocative b&w images documenting some of Sheffield’s many re-developments.


…and, three familiar illustrators pay homage to a much lamented icon of industry.


Located in one of the city's oldest industrial districts, The Riverside plays host to Changing Faces, an exploration of dereliction, destruction and regeneration, showing on 29th, 30th (September) and 01st (October) 2010.


Opening reception: 29th September 2010, 7-11pm.


Looking forward to seeing you there…


Lorelle Hill (Curator)


The Riverside


1 Mowbray Street




S3 8EN

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