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Need some one to refit a stairs carpet for me

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basically i had a carpet fitted on my stairs about six months ago....it had creases in because of the carpet being folded before, which he said would lay flat in time....since then they have laid flat but now juts up at edge and has come loose in a few places....i have since lost his number and cant remember his name....just looking for a quote on what this might cost ...thanks Ann

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Hiya my brother in law would be able to give you a quote.


JRG Flooring




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hi there give paul a ring at property standards on 01142497855 or07774064260

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hi annb3811 i could fix this for you it would fall in my minimum fitting charge of £30


here is a little more info on how i fit/charge


i fit carpet @ £1.50 per sq meter

fitting of gripper/underlay/carpet @ £2 per sq meter


budget underlay @ £1.50 per sq meter

soft step 8mm underlay @ £2.50 per sq meter

super classic 95lb rubber underlay @ £3.50 per sq meter

door bars @ £2 fitted

gripper @ 25p per length (1.5 meter)


i do have a minimum fitting charge of £30

and there is an additional charge of £20 to bathroom, landing, stair and hallway area's due to the extra time and skill involved


unlike most fitting services i only charge per sq meter for the size of your ROOM and not per sq meter for the size of the CARPET

so not only are my fitting prices cheap there fair.


all fitting is done to a high standard, and also includes FREE hoovering in all area's fitted


for more info call me on 07949721737

or take a look at our website but please note the website is new and still under construction


thanks jamie from Diamond Services VGC

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