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Vardis / Foresters fund

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Just wanted to advise everybody about this. I know it's been around a while but it's worth a mention just in case anybody is new to business.


This week...


Someone rings up offering a great deal on advertising, local community, local charity - blah blah... it's a well known scam!


I remembered something about it years ago - when the telesales woman rang - I just shouted that it was a total scam and they can take me off their list and how can she sleep? She just laughed and hung up.


Normally, phone calls start demanding payment even if you said no to advertising - threatening court action etc etc...


DON'T PAY - just put the phone down!!!


You have been warned!!




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We nearly did the same thing with "Vision Publishing Group" which was also supporting the foresters' fund for children.


We cancelled, as the amount of negative feedback on the internet was huge.

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