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Accidents on Kelvin Flats

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And the rest..........

A nurse I used to work with was a district nurse in the area and once got hit by a plastic bag full of s**t (believed to be human) - gave a whole new meaning to the saying of being s**t on from a great height !


That's just vile, Daven!


I remember the black sacks of rubbish that were collected on, I think, Thursday mornings. tenants weren't meant to put them out till the actual morning of 'bin day', but they often put them out last thing at night, the night before.

The drunkards would make their way along the landings, at god-all knows what times of the night, and throw the bags over. it was annoying.

I remember the landlady of the Target pub, she used to walk her three little dogs (Yorkies I STR) last thing, after the pub closed. She and the dogs would have to dodge the bags as they landed. Stupid, stupid actions.

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Could some please explain to me how someones head gets chooped off in lift doors


I know it's replying to a three year old post but in the interests of accuracy-


On both Hyde Park and Park Hill it was possible to stop a lift, with the doors open before the lift had fully reached the floor level. This means that it was possible to climb on to the roof of the lift and ride up and down on there. I believe this is how the terrible accident occurred.

I think travelling up in this way also gave access to the flat roof although I may be wrong on that point. I saw the lift roof riding performed many times in the sixties.

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People related to Paul, the boy involved in this tragedy have replied on this thread, so maybe they actually know what happened. It could be that one of the 3 glasses that were in the lift door at that time was broken and he just put his head through it. RIP Paul

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