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Anyone else has trouble with customers from the Old Grindstone pub,Crookes?

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I see ppl are still placing stuff on here but why dont you come and speak with me at the grindstone. its ok to comment but why not do it face to face. I can then put ppl at rest. We at the grinstone have regulars young and old coming in saying its getting back to what it used to be so commenting on events that you think happen without actually coming in and having a beer or some food i think are out of order. dont get me wrong anyone is entitled to their opinion but we are trying to run a business both for are families and the public and slagging the old grindtsone off when in 8 months we have had one incident i think is below the belt. Do you all want to see yet another public house closed? i welcome your commets but come on speak to me in person as i ask again and not behind a pc.



Christy Beardshaw

The Landlord

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