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Remembering debt collectors in 60s/70s

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when I was little in the 60's I remember men coming to the door for money :o


rent, insurance, hp etc..........must have been a nightmare men knockin on the door every 2 mins (for my mum I mean):)


if mum didnt have enough money to pay rent we would all have to hide behind the setee and pretend we were out :hihi:


there was one nice man, we called him Digby, came from a shop called Dixons down pitsmoor where we would get hp for clothes...:roll:


Wondered if anyone else had stories about these men :suspect:

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I remember them well. We had a guy from Frechville who drove a VW beetle. He would park on the otherside of the street and my Mum would send me over with a few shillings and he would send me back with 10 bob. This was for the rent man.


I once had a cold and was coughing away when the rent came for the rent. My mother nearly smothered me with a cushion so the rent man couldn't here us and he would think we were out.


I wrote a song about:


Theres a Man at the Door


The doorbell rang, my mother said hide.

Don't let the rent man, know were inside.

The monies all gone, we've knowt left to pay.

Your dads on the doll, the works gone away

When the rent mans gone, you can go out and play

He’ll have to come back another day.



There's a knock at the door, stop making that din

It's the man from the Pru, he'll know that were in.

He’s come for five bob and it’s all that I have

Quick out the back, we’ll hide in the lav.

Perhaps if were quite, he'll think were away.

Then he'll have to come back another day.



The milkman’s here, he’s opening the gate

Your dads gone out, he’ll not be back till late

He’s gone to feed the horses in his best brown shoes

Maybe it’ll win or maybe it’ll lose.

So dont make a sound, till the milkman’s gone away.

he'll have to come back another day.



The butchers boys here on his old Hercules

If I give him a smile and say pretty please

He'll give us some Haslet and a bit of stewing steak

Then he’ll get his pencil out and put it on the slate.

When he calls for the money, he'll expect us to pay

But he'll have to come back another day.



The grocers here, he's coming up the path,

If l have to pay him, there'll be no dumplings and hash.

Go and tell the grocer that you mum's gone out.

And i'll pay him next week, make sure you don't shout.

We don't want to broadcast it all down the way.

he'll have to come back another day.



There's a man at the door and he's brought us some money.

It's the money lender man, so, quick son & hurry.

Answer the door or he’ll think that were out.

Don’t let the neighbours know, what its about

If we give him two bob, hell be happy we've paid.

Then he's sure to come back another day.




There’s a Man at the Door

© A J Burke 2006

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:clap::clap: thats brill, thanks for that :thumbsup:

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Everyone lived on credit in those days. If it was't Wigfalls it was Banner money (What was all that about) and Shopacheck, Padgets. In fact most of the shops had credit in some form. You could get half a pack of cigarettes. Small amounts (2oz)of tub butter and cheese. I can also recall going to other shops where mum would hand over a piece of Blue paper for goods & get the goods and some change. Was it Littlewoods?

I remember my mum sending me up to the shops on Delves Avenue. There was a grocer (Mick), up there who also came round with a converted mucky blue bus in the evening. I would give him a note which read "Can I have a pound of potatoes till Friday" Mrs *****. Sure enough, he would oblige. I wonder if there are shops like that now?

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We had a guy called Mr Clubbly call for his money every Saturday morning. I'm proud to say that as poor as we were, my Mum always paid her debts so we never had to pretend we weren't home. Mr Clubbly would have a little package of six smarties, wrapped in greasproof paper for all of us kids. So, we looked forward to our little treat each Saturday so watched out for him arriving.

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That was yesterday, today it's bank and finace house loans. Was interested to hear on some 'alternative' TV channel, possibly 'Edge Media TV', that banks etc. sell 'bad' debts cheaply to debt collecting agencies and, in buying them, the debt agency has actually paid off your debt ! Your contract was with the first lender ( bank, say) and the debt agency have no contract with you so, legally you have no obligation to pay them a penny. Ask them to show a contract with you; they can't. However, if you pay them anything at all, that will constitute a contract so, as the chap on TV said, just thank them for paying off the debt for you and close the door ! Anyone legally minded out there who can confirm this ?

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i remember certain collectors who thought they were gods gift and used to call stinking of brut or hi-karate aftershave and stale cigarettes, trying to woo the good looking ladies like my mother, who kept them at the door anyway...



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Yes we had Speed's, Peck's, milk all at friday and rent on monday!

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