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Highland Cattle Show Graves Park May Day

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The Highland Cattle Show held on May Day is held at Graves Park in conjunction with Sheffield City Council. This event has been going now for 5 years and has an attendance of over 23,000 people with all major attractions. Highland Cattle. Farmers Market. Dog Agility, Trade Stands and a central entertainment ring.


This year in partnership with Regather Ltd, the Sheffield based social networks and events coop, local award winning craft brewery The Brew Company will be providing locally brewed real ales in the bar entertainment tent.


The two beers on offer will be Euphoric Blonde, a summery blonde ale hopped with three American hops for a grapefuit citrus flavour, and Hop Ripper IPA for those who like it a bit bitter and packed full of flavour.


Sounds like it's going to be a fun day all round!


And if the weather takes a turn for the worse, head to the bar!!

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T'was a good event. I thought I was going to get wet when we arrived, but the black clouds were a hale storm and not rain.

It was very nice to see that the council have made this a free event this year.

It was also nice to see hand pumped beer on the bar even if my condition means I cannot partake of the stuff.

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