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ROCKAOKE @ THE BOARDWALK, SHEFFIELD - wednesday may 5th 2010

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Sheffield based ROCKAOKE are the UKs original karaoke rock band, inviting their audience to live the dream by jumping on stage, grabbing the mic, fronting their own live rock band and getting a crowd going crazy.


ROCKAOKE have performed with over 25,000 different lead singers - all wannabe rockstars and some actual superstars like Justin Lee Collins, Alexandra Burke, Peter Andre, Chris Moyles, James Corden, Jeremy Clarkson, Kaiser Chiefs Ricky Wilson etc...


And now on 05/05/2010, ROCKAOKE are set to make their hometown debut at THE BOARDWALK - don't miss your chance to be a rock star!


"Most fun ever? We reckon so" - TIME OUT, LONDON


"Karaoke's much cooler older brother" - SUNDAY TIMES


"It's such a good idea! Get a band - and then you do karaoke" - CHRIS MOYLES


THE BOARDWALK, 39 Snig Hill, Sheffield S3 8NA


£5 admission - £3 students and concessions. All proceeds donated to support Thomas Rotherham College students South Africa project in association with Operation Wallacea.


Reserve tickets and sign-up to sing online at http://www.rockaokenights.com/boardwalk.


web: http://www.rockaoke.co.uk

facebook: http://www.rockaoke.co.uk/facebook

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