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Whatever happened to Radio Hallam...

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Radio Hallam (which started in late 1974), had later on a very good sports journalist, Stewart Linnell.

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anyone remember the James H. Reeve radio phone in? I used to love listening to that late at night in bed.


OMG that brings back memories. It used to be so funny. we would stay awake for hours laughing at it. I'd forgotten all about it.

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I remember the first night that James H Reeve started. His predecessor was Roger Kirk who had a more gentle approach to phone ins. He loved his First Time Callers or FTC's as they were known and he always knew they were nervous so he was always polite to them.

Then James appeared one night out of nowhere.

He introduced himself and mentioned his own name as the night went on. I can't remember the name of onne of the callers, but we'll call him "Dave"

This is something like how it went................

"This is James H Reeve, you're on the air, Who's calling?"

"Hello ROGER, I'm Dave"

Roger takes on a sarcastic tone when he says:

"Hello............FRED, what do you want to talk about?"

"I'm an FTC Roger"

"Yes, I think you are" replied James

At this point I fell on the floor laughing!


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