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ROUGH DISKO w/ SUBEENA (Planet Mu) / GRIEVOUS ANGEL @Harley-Fri 2nd Apr-£3

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//ROUGH DISKO present


SUBEENA (Planet Mu / Sub FM / Opit)




GRIEVOUS ANGEL (Keysound / Devotional Dubz / Idle Hands)




RD residents





TAX: £3 (FREE B4 11!)


Damn people it's knocking on for April already. The long Easter party weekend to be precise. Time to drag your rumps back to the Harley once again for another serious flex.


Hailing from Italy via Berlin and London, Sabina Plamenova aka Subeena will roll into Sheffield off the back of some meaty releases on the legendary Planet Mu and her own Opit and Imminent Recordings. Having gripped the attention of bloggers, key underground music peddlers like Boomkat and Rubadub, and one Mary Anne Hobbs (for who she recorded a guest set last year), Subeena's productions pull in influences from dubstep, garage, techno and classic electronica, yet mesh perfectly with the bass-heavy, hybrid house sound currently tearing up UK floors. This is evidenced in spades on her recent mix for FACT magazine, which finds her melding together bombs from the likes of Greena, Hot City, Hyetal and Untold into a deep yet bubbling blend.


Sonic Router described Subeena's sound as ‘the pulse of the London pirates shot into orbit with a headful of Lindstrom’s space disco’, and Dazed & Confused were equally smitten (‘gently weaving genres into one another until any pre-determined concepts of her sound melt away in wonder’). Her ace monthly Outland show on Sub FM is also well worth a check, wandering freely across the genres and featuring recent guest mixes from the likes of Debruit, Kanji Kinetic and last month's RD headliner Bok Bok.


Backing Subeena up in the strongest possible style will be the massively respected bass don Grievous Angel. His tunes are on heavy rotation in the sets of Kode 9, Skream, Shortstuff and Sinden, and he was responsible (as Bubblez) for one of last years most sought-after 12”s (his refix of Wiley's "Ice Rink") as well as an immense widescreen reimagining of Dusk & Blackdown's "Margins Music" LP.


Renowned for his fierce mixtapes and sets that blur the line between mixing and on-the-fly remixing, Pitchfork have said that ‘Ableton is a powerful weapon at the best of times but in Grievous’ hands it’s lethal’. With added props from FACT and iDJ Mag (‘watch out for Grievous in 2010: the spotlight is only two steps away’), we are made up to be showcasing him here. Expect a heavy blend of UKG, percussive future dubstep and funky that promises to get things well and truly heated…


Limbering up in their inimitable style will be the RD residents, throwing down some choice house, techno, cumbia, funk carioca, tropical and whatever else is required to get the early doors movers winding their bodies.


And FYI, it'll still only cost ya three pounds. Free before 11pm...


Catch you later.













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Link for Subeena's mix for FACT, says it's only available for three weeks but still working....




Great tunes mixed up inventively - only two weeks til you can witness the real thing!

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Just been listening to some of Grievous Angels stuff. It is flippin ace.

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Yeah it should be a strong one music-wise!


If anyone wants a flavour of just how fine Grievous will be, check his UK funky mix for Bristol's Crazylegs crew. It's blazing hot - tracklist below... :cool:


0:00 Dem 2: Baby You’re So Sexy – Vocal MixIt

3:50 Dru Hill: Freak Like Me – El B Remix

7:00 Missy Elliott: Work It – Grievous Angel Remix

11:30 Cooly G: Floating

13:30 Uncle Bakongo: Baga

16:10 David Byrne and Brian Eno: The Jezebel Spirit

19:11 Hard House Banton: Sirens

21:05 KenLou: The Bounce

25:16 Riko: Ice Rink – Grievous Angel’s Drum Ritual Remix

29:06 Riko: Ice Rink – Grievous Angel Remix

35:16 Roska: Climate Change

36:55 Cooly G: Dis Boy

41:30 Q Burns’ Abstract Message: Innocent – King Britt Scuba Mix

46:02 Refuge: Frozen – Grievous Angel Remix

49.48 Lady Saw & Cecille: Loser – Grievous Angel Remix

54:40 Grievous Angel Ft. Rubi Dan: Move Down Low – Funky Remix

56:13 Ends

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Another mix here, one that Subeena did for Hyp!Hyp!Hyp!




This Friday.....two producer/djs at the top of their game, for nowt (or 3quid after 11), get ready Sheffield!!!

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48hrs & counting!


Grievous Angel should be on midnight-ish, Subeena around half one...



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