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British gas tv standby saver

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Hi just wondering if any body knows how to reset these tv standby savers thrown intructions away so not got a clue can someone please help


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plug standby saver into mains and switch on

1. a few seconds after switching the saver on hold down the mode button at the top of the saver

2. a few seconds later the status light on top of the saver will shine red,indicating that it is ready to recieve a signal

3. aim the remote control at the infrared sensor and press on off button on the remote control until the red status light goes out at first the light will flicker as the remote control signal is recieved

3. after a few seconds the status light will shine red again press the same button on your remote and hold until the red status light goes out again the saver has now learnt the button to switch off your appliances

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